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Why does my new food processor smell?

What exactly is that new food processor smell, and more to the point, why is it even there? You’ve just spent a chunk of money on the best food processor you could get your hands on. It arrives at the door; you unpack it, set it up in your kitchen, and painstakingly find a home in the kitchen for each of the attachments it came with (unless it’s the Philips HR7761/01 of course, which allows you to store the attachments in the bowl).

You load it up with the ingredients for a simple recipe – nothing too complicated, but certainly something which will demonstrate its capability. You fire it up, and there’s a curious odour – and it has nothing to do with the ingredients in the bowl.

So does that mean you need to send it back? For many new food processors, this is a common occurrence, and not necessarily indicative of a malfunction. The ‘new food processor smell’ is often simply the natural result of a small amount of the lubricant inside the motor being burned off as part of the food processor’s first use. Of course, when making something in a brand new food processor, the smell of burning chemicals is hardly the smell one would hope for, but should eventually disappear.

For a conclusive explanation, check the instruction manual which arrived with your food processor, and if necessary, consult the manufacturer. If the smell does not disappear or there shouldn’t be such a smell at all, then it may be a sign that something’s not quite right. If you think that an electrical fault is responsible for the bad smell, then you should stop using the food processor immediately, unplug it, and consult the instruction manual and/or the manufacturer. If you have proof of purchase and the device is still under warranty and has been used in accordance with its instructions, then the manufacturer may repair or replace the food processor free of charge.

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