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Kenwood FPP225 Food Processor

The Kenwood FPP225 is one of the most popular food processors sold the UK. It’s a basic, mid-range food processor that’s great value, easy to use, and comes with several attachments – including a blender. It’s from a company which needs little introduction: Kenwood have been making kitchen appliances for British consumers since 1947.

Kenwood FPP225 review

First appearance

The Kenwood FPP225 has a silver base with a grey lower trim. It’s not exactly brushed stainless steel, but it’s still a nice design which is unlikely to look out of place in most kitchens, and won’t acquire that washed-out looking sepia tone which white plastic kitchen appliances tend to get with age. In the middle of the front panel is a grey control knob, above which is the Kenwood logo. There are measuring units in millilitres and cups on the front of the bowl and the blender, allowing you to measure foods and liquids directly into them. The bowl fits flush with the base, which is a nice touch. A cord storage compartment is built into the base.

At 2.5 kg, the FPP225 is not particularly heavy, and can easily be stowed away in a kitchen cupboard. However, it’s an extremely compact design: at 19 x 19 x 32 cm and with the motor directly underneath the bowl, the base does not extend much further than the underneath of the bowl. The advantage of this design means that this food processor can easily be left out on the kitchen worktop, against the wall or in a corner, for convenient access when you need it. It’s obviously rather less bulky than larger 3 litre food processors.

Once on a kitchen work surface, the FPP225 stays in place via four plastic suction cups, giving the food processor its slightly elevated appearance. They also ensure that the motor has adequate ventilation, as the cooling vents are situated on the underside. They are far more effective at keeping the food processor in one place than rubber feet, and even more so when the work surface is damp. On the other hand, they make it a little bit harder to move the device once it’s been set in place.

In the box

In the box you’ll find a setup guide, the base, the bowl, the drive shaft and coupling, the knife blades, a blender, a disc for grating and slicing, an emulsifying tool, and a plastic spatula for scraping out the contents of the bowl. There’s also a registration card if you want to take advantage of the 1 year warranty. The FPP225 comes with a 3 pin UK plug and runs at 220-240 volts, so you’ll have to get the appropriate adaptor for it if you ever need to take it abroad.

Unfortunately there isn’t a grinder or dough tool included; then again, this is a budget, mid-price food processor. These shouldn’t be deal-breakers on a device of this size at this price, and a dough tool can be purchased separately anyway.

The food processor itself has a 750 watt motor, which is controlled via two speed settings and a pulse mode. These speed settings and the pulse mode in particular ensure that the user has precise control over the processing of ingredients, preventing them from accidentally becoming over-processed.


The FPP225 has pretty much all of the benefits you would expect from a basic, mid-range food processor, and comes with a good selection of attachments. The bowl has a capacity of 2.1 litres with a working capacity of 1.2 litres. In comparison to the smaller Kenwood FP120 food processor, this is an extra 50% working capacity, which is a massive improvement, and shows why the FPP225 is one of the most popular mid-range food processors on the market at the moment. It’s partly thanks to Kenwood’s ‘Sealed Bowl Drive’ technology, which removes the need for a traditional drive shaft pillar in the middle of the bowl. In food processors with this arrangement, the contents of the bowl normally must not be allowed to rise higher than the drive shaft, as otherwise the bowl will leak. However, sealing the bowl/driveshaft as Kenwood have done allows for an extra 20% working capacity in comparison to a similarly-sized food processor. Consequently, it also means that the FPP225 is much easier to clean.

So, down to the attachments. The knife blades have a curious asymmetrical design: one of the blades is straight, and the other is curved. It looks odd and you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s unbalanced, but of course that’s not the case. It’s actually a very clever bit of engineering which ensures that food particles are struck from different angles and in different positions.

A reversible stainless steel disc is included for slicing and grating, which will make very short work of vegetables and cheese. Simply turn the food processor on, insert the item, push down on it with the plunger, and you’ll have perfectly sliced courgettes, carrots, and whatever else you put in. One of the advantages of processing vegetables and cheeses this way in a food processor is that you are guaranteed even and consistently shaped pieces every time.

There is no geared whisk attachment available for the FPP225; instead, it comes with a whipping tool, or emulsifying disc as it’s known. This sits over the driveshaft like the knife blade attachment, immersing a plastic disc in the fluid in the bowl. A series of holes are cut into one portion of the disc, and another section of the disc is cut off at an angle. These holes and the straightened edge ensure that air is incorporated into whatever is being whipped, allowing the FPP225 to make perfect whipped cream.

One of the most useful attachments included is arguably the blender or liquidiser. It’s brilliant for making soups, milkshakes, and delicious smoothies. It’s made out of plastic though, so soups will have to cool to room temperature before they can be blended. For similar reasons, it’s also best to avoid blitzing rigid things like coffee beans, as they may have an adverse effect on the plastic.

Use & Operation

The FPP225 has Kenwood’s patented Dual Drive system, which is the mechanism that allows a food processor and blender to be operated from the same base (a blender’s blades must spin faster than a food processor’s blades). The blender is driven by a spindle which is situated above a larger wheel. The larger wheel is geared on the inside, and spins the food processor drive shaft. Like most food processors, the FPP225’s bowl features an interlocking safety mechanism for the bowl, meaning the food processor cannot be switched on if the lid is not securely attached.

The FPP225 is extremely simple to use. Operation is controlled by a plastic control knob, with a slight indentation to indicate the selected setting. The two speed settings can be selected by turning the knob clockwise. Turning the knob anticlockwise from the ‘off’ position will activate the pulse mode, which will run for as long as the knob is held in that position. One minor gripe is that the control knob is round and smooth; arthritic hands or hands greasy from food preparation may find it a little trickier to operate.

Cleaning up the food processor after use is very easy: all of the attachments and the bowl are dishwasher safe. Do take care if washing up by hand, as the blades and the disc faces are extremely sharp.

What can I make?

The Kenwood FPP225 can be used to help prepare many different dishes, including those for which a food processor is not the obvious choice. You can slice and shred vegetables for soups, salads and curries, and blend ingredients for dips, sauces and dressings. The blender can also be used to make milkshakes, cocktails, delicious nutritional smoothies, and to crush ice. With the emulsifying disc, you can truly up your game in the dessert area of the kitchen and make meringues, mousses, custard, and whipped cream. You can also make pastry and cakes, and the batter for pancakes/Yorkshire puddings in the food processor, as well as breadcrumbs for food coatings. The FPP225 will also chop meat, allowing you to make your very own burgers and sausages from scratch – delicious barbeque food which you know exactly what’s inside.


It’s easy to see why the FPP225 is so popular. Kenwood have designed this machine to prepare food for 1-2 people at a time, and there’s no doubt that it’s an excellent first choice as a budget, mid-range food processor. It’s a great choice for couples moving in together, or for older couples looking to replace a previous food processor. Equally it would be a great choice for the professional living alone who wants to prepare larger quantities of food in the evening which can then be taken to work for lunch the next day. The minor complaints regarding the lack of a dough tool and the smooth control knob do not detract from the fact that it’s a brilliant mid-range food processor that offers great value for money.

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